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MCP Humidifier Bottle for Oxygen Concentrator


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1.Used As Spare Part Of Oxygen Concentrator For Phillips, Airsep, Invacre, Milliniun, Devill Biss, Nidek Make Machines 2. It is humidifier bottle with strong nut made for long term usage. 3. Easy to clean and simple to tight 4. One can observe the oxygen bubble while the concentrator is functioning 5. Used for multiple type and make of concentrators
Humidifier in O2 Concentrator: It is used to as spare part in Oxygen Concentrator. Oxygen produced by concentrator machine passes through the bottle attached to the concentrator called humidifier. The main purpose of this bottle is to maintain the humidity in the nostrils of person using. As the oxygen coming out of the machine is dry in nature and nostrils get dry without using the humidifier. So to avoid this the oxygen is passed through the water in the bottle in the bubble form and comes out of through oxygen pipe. There is a minimum and maximum level marking on the bottle. Water level shall be maintained below the maximum level and at an optimum level. If one pours more water then there is a chance of water coming out of the bottle and flows through the oxygen pipe. So at lower flow rates one can pour maximum level and at high flow rates less level of water is maintained. Generally mineral water is preferred. If normal water is is used there may be scaling formation in the bottle and pipe may blocked for the flow of oxygen. So cleaning shall be done whenever scaling occurs. Check the water content before using the concentrator and nut shall be tightened to avoid leakage of Oxygen gas. Precaution: Oxygen concentrator shall not be pulled by the Oxygen pipe attached as it may damage the nut of the humidifier bottle. Keep one additional Humidifier bottle to avoid the inconvenience to the person using for uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Humidifier Bottle for Oxygen Concentrator is used as a spare part for the following Oxygen Concentrators make. Philips Ever flow Oxygen Concentrator Airsep newlife elite Oxygen Concentrator Airsep Vision air Oxygen Concentrator Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator Nidek Nuvo lite 5 ltr Oxygen Concentrator Nidek Nuo 8 Ltr Oxygen Concentrator Nidek Nuo 10 Ltr Oxygen Concentrator Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator etc

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