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Going Vegan is not a one day process. You don’t just wake up one day and realize that you want to be Vegan from this day forth. And you definitely can’t go headfirst into it. And for that, I’ll help you out. Read more to find 10 most important things to know before following a vegan diet.

There is no doubt about the many benefits that followed Veganism. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s somehow easier to ditch your regular diet and replace it with a vegan diet.

Whether it’s for health, environmental, ethical, or personal reasons, whatever the reason for you to opt Veganism. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a big lifestyle change that you are going for. So, it is necessary for you to be informed and know everything about veganism beforehand.

What is to be a Vegan?

Going Vegan

The first thoughts that come to mind when talking about Veganism: What is a Vegan Diet? What veganism means?

Well! Veganism is the practice of abandoning all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 by a small group of vegetarians who broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England to form the Vegan Society.

It’s not just a diet but an ideology to protect and protest against animal cruelty. A vegan diet excludes all animal-based foods and food products but not cooked, processed, canned, or frozen foods.

1. Don’t go headfirst. Plan your Veganism Out.

Plan your Veganism Out

Being a vegan is not a one day job. It’s a process that requires time and consistent efforts. A vegan has to go through a lot of diet changes. Don’t wanna scare you or anything. But, try to ease into the changes.

Some experts suggest easing into veganism by first going through vegetarianism. According to Katy Beskow, a true vegan and the author of three bestselling cookbooks,

“The availability of vegan products means you can do it so much more easily than before. My advice is to replace products in your diet with alternatives step by step, be it milk, mayonnaise or yoghurt. That way, you won’t see a difference.”

2. Educate yourself before Starting Vegan Diet

The rule applies to everything. And definitely with Veganism. There are a lot of things about the concept that people don’t know. And while gathering information, you would know how much it’s gonna help you and in what way.

Another reason for gathering information would be to answer those never-ending questions of people around you. So, staying informed would help you in many ways.

3. Take Small changes at a time

According to research, the more gradually people transition to veganism, they are more likely to stick to it. So, instead of taking huge dietary changes all at once, take it to step by step and break it up into smaller changes that are easier for you to follow.

In that way, your next step will easier for you to take. And there will be fewer chances of you to relapse.

4. You are going to be asked a lot of Questions

Questions asked during Veganism

This is where the 2nd point of the blog comes in handy. Well, if you have researched before starting the diet then, you won’t have any problem answering those questions.

We are constantly surrounded by curious people and when you tell them about your veganism. They are definitely going to ask a lot of questions. And it’s not like they are criticising you or anything. Sometimes, they are just curious. Tell them the benefits of a Vegan diet and how it is good for you.

So, don’t get defensive if they ask questions. It will be much easier if you know the answer to these questions.

5. Make a Vegan Food List

Vegan Food List

A list of vegan food stick to your fridge or at the back of your door will remind you what to eat. At the start of the diet, a person tends to forget about their food options. So, this little reminder will help you while ordering or just being a reminder.

You can also make a chart for yourself so that, it will easier for you to follow the diet. Making a list of foods to avoid, will also be useful.

It’s up to you how you make your experience easier and more worthwhile. Find different ways or steps that will help you to stick to more to the Vegan diet.

6. Going Vegan is not related to Weight loss

It’s very common that people link the vegan diet to weight loss. In reality, it depends on the quality of the food you eat.

For example, you are converting from a diet rich in sugar, fats and high protein, then weight loss can occur. But, if you already eat less processed and unhealthy food, or transitioning to a highly processed food diet, then you won’t lose any weight.

7. Try to find or learn easy Vegan recipes

Easy vegan recipes

It will be easier if you have a few Vegan recipes up your sleeves. Even you don’t like cooking, learning a few dishes will help you when you ran out of food options. You can also search online for best vegan dishes.

Salads are one of the easiest and healthier food option that is acceptable in almost every diet. One of the amazing features of them is that they are customizable and can be made according to your taste. So, go and search some vegetable salad recipes and it can also be a fruit salad.

8. Relapse can occur, Don’t let it bring you down

We are all humans and often tend to make mistakes. Relapse can sometimes happen. So, don’t beat yourself up for it. Just get back to your old routine. It’s important for you to move forward and let enjoy the process.

Remember that you are doing this for a good reason and it’s ok to make mistakes.

9. Make food labels check a Routine

Food labels will guide you throughout your Veganism. It provides the necessary nutritional information about the ingredients in the product. While some foods items show they are vegan but sometimes reality is different.

It’s better to know about the product before using it. And food labels will help you with that.

10. Not all Vegan foods are Healthy

Junk vegan food

Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. You shouldn’t replace animal products with junk food, as they are not healthy.

For example, Potato chips are vegan food but they are healthy and will lead to weight gain when consumed regularly and in large quantities.

Don’t let the small mistakes stop you from this amazing cause. Because not only will it help you but also nature and animals as well.

Hope you find this blog interesting. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below and also like and share as well.


Stay Vegan Stay Healthy

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