AccuSure Simple Blood Glucose Test Strip – 25 Strips

  • Only compatible with the AccuSure Simple Glucometer Machine.
  • Accurate Results in Just 8 Seconds and its require minimum Blood Sample (0.7μL)
  • 25 Strips in a Box intended for single one-time use.

438.00 595.00

Highly Accurate

  • AccuSure Blue Glucose Tests are designed to Give you Highly Accurate Results in a Few Seconds.

No Coding, Easy to Use

  • Just insert the contact bar of the strip into the meter correctly when the meter is off, no coding, easy to use for the senior.

Available in Different Pack Strips

  • 25 Strips Pack
  • 50 Strips Pack
  • 100 Strips Pack

AccuSure Simple Blood Glucose Test Strips

  • These strips are compatible with the AccuSure Simple Blood Glucose Monitor only, its helps you to track and manage your blood sugar level better with just a few steps.

How to Insert The Strip And Apply Blood Sample Correctly

  1. Hold the test strip handle
  2. Insert the end of the contact bar into the meter. Push it firmly until the strip will go no further
  3. Make sure the front side (blue) of the strip face up when insert
  4. Touch the blood with the absorbent hole to absorb it. Do not drip blood directly on the strips.
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