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AGARO WS 502 Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale with Step-On Technology

  • Step-On Technology, Ultra Slim Design, Measure weight up to 5 kg to 180 Kg
  • 4 High precision sensors provide up to 180 Kgs of consistent and accurate measurement
  • Highly Safe weighing scale with It’s round edges & anti-skid fiber top
  • The scale has a graduation increment of 100 g/0.2 lb/ 0.01 st
  • Backlit LCD Display measures weight in Kilogram, Pound or Stone
  • 1 Main Unit 

1,199.00 2,100.00

AGARO electronic personal weighing scale is specifically designed for your personal use with a user-friendly interface and providing highly accurate measurement. This product features “auto-on” technology which turns on once you step on the scale. Just place the scale on a flat hard surface and step on it. Your weight would be displayed in seconds. Once you’re done, step off from the scale after which the scale automatically shuts off. It features Auto-on Technology and Four Sensors. It can take on a weight of up to 180 kg and its non-slip plastic top prevents skidding.

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