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Alps Futura Pocket Hearing Aid

  •  Alps Futura is a professional design pocket hearing instrument, no grating sound.
  •  Suitable for Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss
  •  Instant Fit Ready to Use Device- No Programming Required
  •  M-T-O Switch (Microphone-Telecoil-Off) for easy opeartion.
  •  Suitable for all age group.

1,300.00 2,295.00

ALPS Futura Pocket Hearing Instrument
►Help you rediscovering the pleasure of listening to nature’s sounds or talking to others.
►Hear the sound clearly and loudly.
►Super Power Body Worn Pocket Hearing Aid.
►High quality with M-T-O Switch T-For Telecoil
►For hard-of-hearing users Deaf, the old, hearing-impaired.
►Suitable for Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss
►Plug and Play Device- No Programming Required

Notes: Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing. Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler. Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

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