Askir C30 Automatic Suction Unit on Wheels

A suction machine, as used in medicine, may have a variety of uses, it’s mainly used by medical practitioners to remove blood, mucus and body fluids from a patient’s body.
● Most medical aspirators are portable and mobile (have movable parts) to handle any urgency if needed. Hence making it play a vital role in the field of medicine because of its flexibility in use.
● With automation machines suction unit, they work under AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) power supply unit and even battery-powered making it convenient to be used even when there is power surge supply.
● Askir C30 automation suction system, is designed with aspiratory regulatory, located on the front panel of the machine.
● This machine is designed with high heat resistance nonconductors, electrically insulated plastic materials from the finest Europeans safety measures standards.
● It has a unique feature of signalling whether the machine is in good operational use or not.
Moreover, it may show malfunctioning systems in the unit and you can simply buy Askir C30 automation suction
● Askir model C30 has an overall dimension of 320mm *995mm*305mm in size
● Its overall weight is 6.20kg and an overall voltage power supply of 230V/50Hz
● Its maintenance is free from oil use, that is, its oil-free maintained machine hence reducing maintenance cost.
● The machine is a quality standard approved under CE Mark.

55,000.00 90,000.00

Overall Dimensions 320mm x 995mm x 305mm
Capacity 40l per minute
Unit Weight 6.20kg
Voltage 230V /  50Hz
Absorbed Power 110 VA
Motor Oiless and maintenance-free piston pump
Fuse 1 x 1.6A 250V
Maximum Vacuum -0.80 BAR
dB 61.5dB
Standard Accessories ü    2 x 2l autoclavable jar (max temp. 121° C)
ü    Cover with safety float
ü    Silicone tubes set 6 x 10 mm
ü    Tube connectors
ü    Antibacterial & Hydrophoic Filter
Quality Standard CE

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