Dental Medical Instrument Tray With Lid Stainless Steel Size

  • Medical Gread Stainless steel
  • Medical Trays are easy to clean and autoclavable making them ideal for hospitals, labs, and surgical centers
  • Constructed without seams to prevent bacteria growth and to allow for easy cleaning
  • Clean, Durable, Elegant, Practical, Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly
  • providing a Curve surface on which to place a label or any other identifying information and instructions



The dental, medical instrument is an essential accessory because it is used for carrying medical instruments from one place to another. These instruments can be forceps, scissors, knives, cotton, etc.

So, you must be interested in knowing what all features this product offers that it is unique from others.here are some features which define its uniqueness.

Mostly the medical trays do not come with the recessed lid handles. And this is the unique feature that is being offered in this product. These handles provide ease in handling. It is very compact, made up of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel.

As it is made up of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, thence it can be mainly used in the health care departments. Other features all that they are corrosion-resistant, recyclable, and have a bright shiny aesthetic appearance.

Due to the hard metallic surface of the tray, the survival of bacteria and other germs becomes impossible, which aids safety.

It is also got a curvilinear design as it edges so that any important information that can be written on these edges is easily identifiable.

It has got a brighter, shiny appearance because of stainless steel, which makes this product attractive. It requires low maintenance.

Rather than all of these fantastic product features, you would be amazed to know that we are offering it at minimal cost as a comparison to other companies. So, don`t miss this chance, make it available for you today.

Specification of product:-

Size: 8×6, 9×6, 10×8, 11×7, 12×8, 12×10, 12×15, 12×18

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8×6, 9×6, 10×8, 11×7, 12×8, 12×10, 12×15, 12×18

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