Disposable Personal Protection Equipment PPE Kit Full Body 80GSM

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For the protection against various infections, the personal protective equipment PPE is used. This particular protection kit prevents the virus from contacting the human body. This PPE equipment consists of Shoe covers, face shield, eye protection, respirator, masks, gloves, goggles.


There are Masks (surgical masks) that help you to protect your mouth and nose. Respirators are also present there. These respirators filter the air before you inhale it. Two types of masks are there. The first type of mask is the Triple-layer medical mask, and the second type of mask is the N-95 medical mask.

The Triple layer medical mask are mainly given to protect the people from avoiding the droplets of virus or any other infection to harm the person.

The N-95 mask protects the wearer from the airborne disease. This provides a very efficient filtration of the air.

Eye protection and face protection

In this personal protection equipment PPE Kit, Eye protection and face protection are also there. This protects your rye and face.


Gowns are there that protects your clothes and body from the infection.  Gloves are also there that protects your hand from the contamination.

Disposable Kit

This is a disposable kit that can easily be disposed of.

Size of the Kit

The size of the personal protection equipment PPE Kit is free size.

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