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DTM-X7 IP67 Sensor Probe Protection Pen Waterproof Thermometer

  • How to Operate: Turn On – Press the ON/OFF button, the LCD screen will turn on, display all options and the current probe temperature. Turn Off – Press the ON/OFF button, the LCD screen will turn off. / Auto turn off after 10 minutes without any activity. The thermometer is set to display temperatures in degrees Celsius(Fahrenheit). To switch to Fahrenheit(Celsius), Press the “C/F” button. Insert the probe into the thickest part of the food to check the temperature. MinMax temperature record – Press the MAX/MIN button, its memory functionality is handy to observe the past min/max temperatures. Data-Hold: Before withdrawing the probe from the food, press and hold “HOLD” button. It will display the temperature reading until pressed again. To change the battery, open the case on the reverse side of the thermometer. Replace with an LR44 battery.

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IPx7 Waterproof Meat Thermometer Digital Instant Read Food Thermometer with LCD Screen, MinMax Record, Hold Function for Kitchen Cooking Smoker Grill BBQ Meat Candy Milk Water. This pen-style waterproof digital thermometer is characterized by multi-usage, low power consumption, high stability, high accuracy, compact structure and easy operating. The LCD screens are big enough that the figures displayed are easy to read. The material of the needle is stainless steel. This product is very useful, and it is an ideal household electronic gadget. Waterproof DesignIPX7 waterproof feature allows you to fearlessly wash it under tap water. Perfect to check the temperature of bathwater, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, candy and deep frying. Instant Read ThermometerThe meat thermometer with wide measuring range -50 C – 300 C (-58 F – 572 F), or switchable, with Hold feature and its memory functionality is handy to observe the past min/max temperatures. Long ProbeThis 5.7 inch Long Probe Food Thermometer keeps you from burning your hands while measuring and helps you detect the core temp of meat; Perfect for turkey, roast lamb, bread making, candy making, boiling water, hot milk and even bathwater. Healthy CookingThis BBQ thermometer’s body made of strong ABS plastic, Probe made of stainless steel (SUS 304). It takes seconds to use but can potentially save you from food poisoning by ensuring that food is cooked enough. You can use it in all of your food items (such as thanksgiving /Christmas turkey, meat, cookie, chicken, pie, lamb, fish steaks).
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