MCP 9811B Personal Bathroom Manual Weight Machine Human Body Analog Mechanical Weighing Scale

  • (1) Quickly review the result of your daily workout with the scale, minimalist design that conveniently fits in your home gym, office or bathroom.
  • (2) Get an instant and exact reading as soon as you step onto the scale.
  • (3) It’s large display serves to show you the weight clearly and boldly, so you will never have to spend more than a moment peering into the scale in the morning.
  • (4) It has Strong & Rust-proof Material & Perfect Companion for Health & Fitness.
  • (5) The corners and edge of the scale are not sharp for your family’s safety.

950.00 1,200.00

Analog Weight Machine Manual Mechanical Full Metal Body Analog Weighing Scale 120kg Capacity
MCP Fitness Weighing Scale Is An Analog Weighing Scale That Is Meant To Measure Weight In A More Convenient And Easier Way. Carrying A Fabulous 120 Kg Maximum Capacity, This Weighing Scale Is Equipped With A Reliable And Will Provide A Long Lasting Performance Keeping The Weighing Machine Working For Years. PAXMAX offers you High Precision Equipment That Is Sure To Suit Your Purpose. It Provides A Range Of Various Weighing Scales That Rank High In Functionality And Quality. This Compact Weighing Scale Slips Easily Into Any Corner Of Your Home. Slide It Under Your Bed, Or Keep It Under A Study Table, Where It Will Stay Inconspicuous Until You Need To Take It Out And Use It. It Makes Reading Easy And Convenient .

Step on the auto-calibrate platform and receive accurate measurements in kilograms; 120 kg capacity

Built with a strong and durable metal platform resilient enough to provide years of fitness tracking

Here you will get accurate readings with best performace to ensure healthier life.This MCP Weighing scale is consistently reliable and provides the motivation you need to help keep yourself on track.

Advantage of this mechanical scale is that it does not require battery.

This weighing scale is equipped with a reliable components and will provide a long-life.

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