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MCP Commode Seat Raiser 6″ without lid

  • The toilet raiser is designed for individuals with difficulty lowering down or raising from a toilet seat. It is an ideal solution for those with back problems or those who are postoperative back/hip/knee surgery.
  • Adds an extra 6 inches to the current commode height.
  • Easy to install, maintain, and fits almost all oval shaped/elongated toilet seats
  • No sharp edges, easy to maintain, clean, and store. The product is also portable to be carried around when traveling
  • Fitted with four non-skid pads at the bottom for stability. Product Dimension: Length = 38 cm, Width = 35 cm, Height = 14.5 cm

1,549.00 1,999.00

How to Use?
a.Fit the knobs onto the sides of the toilet raiser as shown
b.Place the toilet seat raiser on to the toilet bowl
c.Tighten the knobs from the sides and check that it is secure
d.Help to transfer the user from the wheelchair to the toilet seat
e.Once used, please lift and clean well with a toilet seat cleaner

Commode raiser 6 inch

1.Ideal as: supportive aid for using the toilet especially if affected by Paraplegia, injuries and disorders of legs, hips and spine, Ataxia, Parkinson’s disease or other related mobility limitations. Also useful during chest or abdominal post-surgery rehabilitation period as well for overweight individuals
2.Benefits: Levels the commode seat with normal height of wheelchair helping in easier transfer of the patient to the toilet. Similarly reduces stress on knee and other limb joints while sitting down or standing up for those suffering from orthopaedic disorders
4. Saves Money: Avoids cost of refitting/new commode as it adapts easily on top of the existing seat
5. Easy Fitting:Can be easily secured onto the bowl and removed with a large twist knob by self or with minimal assistance
6. Easy to clean: Maintains better hygiene
7. Thoughtful design: Designed to match the contours of lower body providing comfortable seating even for obese patients
8. Convenient design: The seat is contoured to suitably fit on top of most toilet bowls in India. Its shape is perfectly contoured for the lower body ensuring comfort for the user
9. High grade plastic: This product is manufactured in a high quality plastic with antibacterial properties which makes it easy to clean the surface after using and promotes long term durability
10. Large adjustable grip and knob: To make the seat function with different commode sizes

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 38 cm

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