MCP Disposable Bed Sheet 80x 180 cm 10pcs

protection against dust/allergies/contamination.

Can be used in clinics & hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, homes, parlours, spas and saloons

599.00 899.00

Nonwoven disposable Bed Sheets are made of premium quality nonwoven fabrics for one-time use and throw purpose. It is widely used in Spa, Beauty Parlor, Hotels and Hospitals as well. The dimensions of the bed sheets are as per single beds.


Made of non-woven materials these soft cotton textured bedsheets are disposable, convenient and hygienic.

Suitable for all environments where a couch roll is currently being used:

  • Hospitals
  • Appearance Medicine Beds
  • Physiotherapy Beds
  • General Examination Beds
  • Massage Therapy Beds


  • White in colour
  • Non-woven
  • PE Coating
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