MCP Flocklined House Hold Glove Large,3 Pairs

  • Protective: These rubber gloves protect your hands from the damage of harsh detergents or other cleaning products.
  • Application: daily household washing bowls, plates, utensils, clothes. using a variety of detergents, and other cleanings. Suitable for protecting hands against abrasion damage and common household and janitorial cleaning materials.
  • Flocklined with a rolled cuff, textured fingers and palms
  • Nice design to be flexible, comfortable to wear and offer a high degree of sensitivity. Authentic Natural: Material These latex gloves are made of natural rubber, which is both stain-free and odour-free. You also get the fresh, light smell of natural rubber from them, just like nature intended. The all-natural material also resists mould better than other materials. Best of all, natural latex is gentle on the skin so you will not get allergic reactions.
  • Our fantastic new household gloves resist tears and leaks even after prolonged use. These high-quality natural rubber gloves are able to be strong without being too thick. This design gives you superior control, meaning you can handle soapy, slippery and wet glassware and crockery with ease.


MCP Flocklined House Hold Glove are made of normal elastic, which is both a sans stain and scent-free. You additionally get the new, light smell of regular elastic from them, much the same as nature proposed.

These rubber gloves provides protection to your hands, which gets affected while damage caused by harsh detergents or other cleaning products.

This product is specially designed to provide great care to your hands, which tends to ruin due to the inattention paid while washing and cleaning.

Yes, we all have two hands, but here we are providing you three gloves so that if one gets damaged, then you can use another piece.

Though these gloves are going to remain for a long period with you because they are made up of high-quality latex material. Also, the best part is that as they are of natural latex material, so you are completely safe from getting any allergic reactions.

These top-notch characteristic elastic gloves are solid without being excessively thick. This structure gives you unrivaled control, which means you can deal with lathery, elusive, and wet dish sets and ceramics effortlessly.

You must be wondering for what other purposes it can be used, so here are some suggested uses:-

  • Washing dishes
  • Dyeing hair
  • Scrubbing toilets
  • Cleaning pet mess
  • Sorting recyclables
  • Gardening purpose
  • Opening jars etc.

This product has become the need of the hour, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. You should wear it while going out of your house to purchase groceries or while driving the vehicle as well.

Weight 0.130 kg
Dimensions 34.5 × 15 cm

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