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MCP Jindal Adjustable Height Folding Imported Walker

  • EASY STORAGE:The frame is height adjustable to suit the users needs and easily folds for storage and transportation
  • PUSH BUTTON:With a push button, length can be adjusted telescopically.The frame incorporates two front wheels for great mobility.
  • SUCTION PVC:bush for better grip on any surface PVC handgrip for better comfort . Also uses PVC bushes for better grip
  • DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE:Premium Imported walker
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Easy to carry, Easy to fold, Can be transported in a car boot, Can be stored under a bed

1,399.00 1,999.00

Are you looking for a premium quality walker or a folding walker for any of your family member who is unable to walk? Jindal walker is the right solution for you as it has been designed as per the unique needs of all those who need a mobility aid. We have made this product with the utmost care to ensure quality so that all users can enjoy walking independence with peace of mind. Its weighing capacity is 100kg and the best solution for all those who are unable to walk or who need mobility assistance because of age or other medical conditions like nervous disorder, fracture, surgery, stroke etc

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