MCP KF-65B Digital Blood Pressure Monitor USB Charging Tri-color Backlight Automatic Heart Beat BP Meter Sphygmomanometer Bp Monitor

  • MCP KF-65B Blood Pressure Monitor uses intelligent pressure technology to provide accurate measurements and results. It measures your bp and pulse rate in one click and provides dual user mode with memory up to 192 readings each.
  • With Cuff size – 22 to 42 cms allows to take accurate measurements for any arm circumference. After measuring your blood pressure, using its voice broadcast, it compares your readings with WHO (World Health Organization) standards.
  • With 4.5-inch large HD Display and 3 colors backlight display, MCP KF-65B blood pressure monitoring machine is one of its kind in the segment. The digital blood pressure monitor is guaranteed to meet your standards.
  • Please read the instruction manual for better measurement before using the bp monitor.
  • How to use? (1) Warp the cuff properly for accurate reading & sit straight on the chair (2) Make sure the cuff is 1-2 cms away from arm fold area (3) Cuff pipe must be placed as picturized on cuff (4) Click start to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate. USB power port allows you to use the bp digital monitor when the battery is low.

1,299.00 1,999.00


1. English Voice broadcast (Auto prompt Voice after the measurement)

2. 3 Colour Backlit(The three-color backlight display, you can know the result even in the dark night , and know the blood pressure level from the color Red-High Pressure Orange-Slightly High Green-Normal )

3. Two power modes (USB charging&4*AABattery,Automatic shutdown, energy saving)

4. High Accuracy(Using Taiwan and HeThai chip + BMP algorithm, the clinical data of most hypertensive patients were collected, and the software algorithm was optimized,the measurement was stable and more accurate)

5. One-button measurement(Convenient to use, fast and easy)

6. 2*192 group memory value (while recording the blood pressure of two people, parents can share a single monitor)

7. Intelligent Automatic pressure(The new intelligent pressure technology is used to pre-determine the systolic pressure of the elderly, thereby determining the measured pressure value, effectively reducing the pressure pain of the arm band and improving the measurement comfort)

8. 3.7 inch display(Using the LCD high-definition display, the display results in a large font in the clear screen and the old man can see at a glance)

9. Arm band 22-32cm(Fan-shaped Mixed Woolen Armband The buckle is easy, and the fan shape makes the old man measure more docile and the pressure is more stable)



• Suitable arm Circumference: 22cm-32cm

• LCD size: 115 x 135 mm x 83mm

• Pulse rate:40~200 time /min

• Pressure measurements range: 0~280mmHg(0~37.3kPa)

• Storage Memory: 2*192 groups

• weight : 280g (without battery)

• Equipment operation mode: Intermittent operation


【Operational steps】

● Please tide the bracelet on the measuring arm as the picture shows (degree of tightness as a finger as fitting), and let the air tap the wrist About 2-3 cm (about a finger width) arm circumference size is 22-32 cm

● Ensure that the bottom edge of bracelet is about more than 2-3 cm away from elbow joint, and let the air faucet is in the arm inside

● Please sit for 5 minutes in silence as the photos before measuring

● Put the arm on the desk flat, upright with your palms up

● The center of bracelet should be with the same height of heart

● Be noted that the air tube of bracelet can not be turned or bent

● Press OP button to measure

● It is not suitable to measure after meals, exercise and with emotional excitement.

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