MCP SF802 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale with White Backlight Display, Small Platform Size for Home Use, वेट मशीन के प्लेटफॉर्म का आकार छोटा है (7 इंच * 8.5 इंच) (25 Kg Capacity)

  • ✅Stainless Steel Pan: Small Compact size of 21.5 cm by 17.5 cm. Please note this weight scale is NOT suitable for very big size objects like cylinder etc and will work well for objects only less than 17-20 cm dimension. Please visualize the size of the pan before buying. This scale is suitable for small size objects and you will NOT be able to weight big objects on this.
  • ✅ Capacity 25 Kg with High Accuracy of 2 Gram with White Back light LCD Display. कृपया ध्यान दें और खरीदने से पहले प्लेटफॉर्म का आकार देखें। यह एक छोटे आकार की वेट मशीन है। इसलिए यह केवल छोटी वस्तु के लिए उपयुक्त है.
  • ✅ Runs on AAA Batteries and Auto Off to Save Power. It also has the option to run on electricity directly using an adaptor. However, Please note that there is no rechargeable battery inside the scale. The AAA cells will not get recharged using the adpator. The adaptor has to be used only when running on electricity directly when you are not using the AAA cells.
  • ✅Both Kg, gms Units of Measurement
  • ✅ Hold Function – Hold function allows you to lock the number after you take the package off the platform. Especially useful for over-sized package. Power supply : 3 x AAA Battery (Not Included), AC adapter (Included). When using on Battering, it will turn off automatically after 90 seconds. When using Ac adapter for power supply, it won’t turn off automatically.
  • ✅ Tare Function for Empty Utensils and Piece Counting Function

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कृपया ध्यान दें और खरीदने से पहले प्लेटफॉर्म का आकार देखें। यह एक छोटे आकार की वेट मशीन है। इसलिए यह केवल छोटी वस्तु के लिए उपयुक्त है. This Kitchen Scale has a capacity of 25 Kg with high accuracy of 2 gram. The weighing scale is suitable for small objects with dimensions less than 17-20 cm. It is not suitable for weighing heavy for bigger objects like cylinder etc. It has a super bright white LCD Display for easy readability. The scale has both the options of running by adapter or by using AAA Batteries. The batteries are included in the package. The weight can also be tared for empty utensils using the tare function. The weighing scale has the option to display weight in both the units – Kg, g, and it can also be used for counting function. It has a Auto Off Feature for saving power. The kitchen scale also comes with an adapter , this adaptor can be used to run the scale directly on electricity without using the AAA cells. But Please note that this adaptor will not recharge the scale as there is no rechargeable battery inside, it will only run the scale when connected to electricity directly. If you want to use without the adaptor, you can use the AAA cells.

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