MCP Silver Shine Dual Head Stethoscope for Doctors & Students

  • Chest piece with special diaphragm, designed for adults,Tunable diaphragm responds with a simple pressure change to capture low and high-frequency sounds
  • Perfect Spring Action,Extra soft sealing ear knobs
  • Flexible frame which would not hurt your ears.
  • For physicians/medical professionals.
  • Light weight chest piece,Compact & Classic Look

1,199.00 2,250.00

Comfortable Eartips

Soft Sealing Ear Knobs Ear knobs are made of synthetic material, thus providing a cushion comfort to the ears. Once, placed in the ear canal, they provide excellent acoustic seal, thus preventing any external noises.

Non Stick Fine PVC Rubber

The tube stays soft and flexible to help reduce the interference of any rubbing noise during the examination.

Free Accessories

The box contains 2pcs. Extra Ear Knobs, 1pc. Extra adult diaphragm & 1pc. Extra pediatric diaphragm for replacement.

Light Weight

Its a very lightweight stethoscope so that you can travel comfortable wearing it between OT and OPDs.

Double Sided Shiny Silver Chest Piece

Double sided chest piece made from best quality 303 grade stainless steel. It is precisely machined for enhanced performance & durability. It features dual tunable diaphragms moulded in non-chill rings. The larger diaphragm is used for adult patients whereas the smaller diaphragm is used for pediatric patients.

Black Matte Frame

Finished in black matte. Classy and Stylish. Also sturdy and elegant at the same time. Must have for young professionals. This unit has been ergonomically engineered for both comfort and acoustic sensitivity

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