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MCP TP-Hygro Wet and Dry Thermometer zeal (Yellow)

  • Temperature Range: 5°C to and50°C (20°F to 120°F)
  • Supplied with wet and dry bulb tables for determining humidity levels
  • These tubes are filled with Mercury and Fitted in a Beautiful Plastic Casing
  • Optimum performance, Wall mounted
  • Height 320mm, width 40mm, length 80mm, Yellow colour or plastic body

579.00 1,450.00

Hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. It has two basic mercury thermometers, comprising of a wet bulb and dry bulb respectively. Evaporation from the water on the wet bulb drops down the temperature which makes is display, causing it to lower temperature as compared to dry bulb. Thermocare wet and dry bulb hygrometer for measuring relative humidity. Supplied mounted in a yellow plastic case complete with wick, reservoir and relative humidity conversion tables. These traditional hygrometers are in regular use around the world, and provide a quick and convenient means of measuring temperature and humidity.

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