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Mini Smartphone Thermometer for iOS, Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Thermometer Pocket Thermometer Portable Thermometer Quick Thermometer USB Thermometer

  • Non-contact measurement, safe and fast, 1 second measurement
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.1 degree
  • High and low temperature alarm
  • °C/°F one key switch
  • Large LED digital screen highlight display,Small size, Portable

599.00 999.00

Mini Smartphone Thermometer for IOS

1. Accurate measurement: built-in smart thermopile sensor, temperature measurement through accurate recognition of the human body surface.
2. Easy operation: Aim at the center of the forehead, 1 second quick measurement, accurate to 0.1 degree.
3. Convenient reading: OLED large digital screen display, the high-brightness font is convenient for the elderly to view.
4. Higher precision: Increase distance , room temperature and ambient temperature compensation sensors.
5. High safety performance: The product supports non- contact measurement, which greatly improves safety.
6. No burden to carry: The cell phone thermometer is small and light, convenient to carry and temperature measurement at any time.

Type: Smartphone Thermometer
Measuring range: 1-10cm
Measurement accuracy: 0.1℃
Size: 49x27x12.5mm
Temperature measurement range: 34-45℃
Display mode: screen display
Battery type: mobile phone interface
Response time: 0.5-1 seconds
Package Included: Mini Smartphone Thermometer*1

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