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Vissco Astra Max Elbow Crutches (1 Pair)

  • Polymer handle : Robust and strong suitable for 140 kg body wt, aesthetically pleasing, anatomical and streamlined
  • Height adjustable elbow piece with soft plastic moulded handle top for improved load bearing, uniform support to elbow and decreased fatigue
  • Excellent functioning, easy size customization and improved aesthetics.
  • Flipping elbow grip: Holds to the elbow tightly, decreased chances of accident

1,425.00 1,750.00

Vissco Astra is a series of all new Elbow Crutches and Under Arm Crutches made from light weight high grade aluminium. The Rubber foam grips and plastic parts are designed to give more comfort to the user while walking. Astra is designed for user to enjoy limitless mobility.

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